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Are you looking to find a renowned and trustworthy plumbing, HVAC, refrigeration and electrical repair service provider in Boulder City? You don’t have to look any farther than Techcool. We offer the most refined and efficient solutions for our customers. You can contact us for installation, repair and maintenance tasks of your plumbing, HVAC, electrical and refrigeration systems.

Our services in Boulder City stand tall among the competitors in terms of quality and reliability. For protecting the interests of our customers in the most efficient way, we offer 2 year repair warranty for our customers. You don’t need to worry about the price when you hire us to meet your needs. Offering the best prices in the industry, we take care of your requirements in a responsible manner.

Our technicians are vastly experienced and skilled professionals with an unparalleled track record. You can also contact Techcool for emergency repair solutions. We arrive at your spot fully equipped with our trucks and get the job done in a fast manner. Our HVAC, plumbing and electrical services are highly transparent. Free estimates are provided on all types of equipment replacement services.

Although standard furnace filters operate reasonably efficiently to maintain the ductwork and the system clean, they don’t have the ability to enhance the quality of the indoor air in the best possible way. If you want optimal indoor air quality, you should use a media filter. The media filter is placed between the blower cabinet and main return duct. It is capable of performing dust particle removal in a much better way compared to a standard furnace filter. If you want to eliminate airborne virus and insecticide dust from the filtered air, you can consider upgrading to a pleated media. The lifespan of a media filter is at least two years. You have to select a filter that goes well with the capacity of the blower.

If you have leaking pipes, you may have to dear a considerable monthly expense. A single leak can result in huge water wastage over a period of time. It has been estimated that you may lose around 10,000 gallons of water in a year if you have single leak. What does it suggest? You have to pay for the water you use and waste. Simple leakage issues can emerge as serious problems like flooding when you postpone the repair works. You have to spend a lot of money for major repair works. Unattended leaks create breeding spaces for mold and mildew which invite serous health issues. The best method of approach is not to put off leaking repairs. You need to contact an experienced plumbing contractor to perform the repair work immediately.

Hidden water leaks can be detected in a few different ways. You can use a water meter to discover or check hidden leaks. First of all, you need to switch off all the water in your home. The next step is to record the number the water meter displays. You have to wait around 20 minutes prior to checking the meter once again. If you find differences in meter readings, you have to suspect a leak. In order to identify the leak, you have to inspect the toilet tank parts, particularly the flapper valve. Another area to be explored is under kitchen and bathroom sinks. It is also necessary to look for drips from your showers and bathtubs. You also have to check leaks in washing machine hoses and puddles around the water heater.

Power surges are often caused by lightning. Issues in the local power station can also invite surges in power. When there is an immediate power surge, your electrical system and equipment become highly vulnerable to damages. It is necessary to use a surge protector which helps you safeguard your electrical devices against damage. Generally speaking, surge protectors are utilized for electronic devices like flat screen televisions and computers. If you want to maintain your electronic devices risk free and keep the functionality at optimal levels without bothering about damages in their electrical circuits, you should definitely think about installing a surge protector.

If you find ice buildup, you have to check that the appliance and find out whether it has been installed according to the manual instructions provided. The user manual contains diagrams that outline the much needed ventilation for each kind of fridge. The performance of the appliance comes down significantly if there is no correct ventilation. You should also examine the sealing of the refrigerator door. Incorrect door sealing does not allow the door to close correctly which in turn permits the warm air into the refrigerator. This situation reduces the internal temperature to cause ice buildup. If you keep the door open for a prolonged period of time, the refrigerator makes efforts to cool the internal cavity, irrespective of the warm air entry. This condition can also cause ice build-up due to over straining.