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Techcool offers the best plumbing, HVAC, refrigeration and electrical repair and maintenance services in Indian Springs. You can also seek our expertise in installing new systems at your home or office. As a family owned and operated business, we take care of the needs of each customer in a friendly and reliable way.

Our experts specialize in all plumbing, electrical, refrigeration and HVAC repairs and installations. We make sincere and committed efforts deliver excellent customer service to maintain 100% customer satisfaction. When you hire us, you can expect fair pricing. We also offer customer friendly maintenance packages for your equipment. Our services guarantee inimitable job efficiency because of the unsurpassed skills of vastly experienced technicians. We also make use of top of the line equipment and latest technology to deliver outstanding results.

In order to accommodate the immediate needs of our customers, we offer emergency HVAC, electrical and plumbing repair services. Even if you hire us for standard services in Indian Springs, we strive hard to perform the task on the same day. Our commitment to quality is unquestionable.

This is one of the most common questions for which many people are looking to find a convincing answer. The important thing you need to realize is that an outdoor unit must not be operated when it is covered. If you make efforts to cover the unit while keeping the equipment functional, the airflow is obstructed to invite damage to the system. What does it suggest? There is no need to cover your outdoor unit during the winter or fall. If you want to know more about HVAC system recommendations, you can talk to a reputed HVAC dealer.

The needs of each individual vary. It is hard to predict the correct size of tankless water heater even for an experienced plumber without assessing the needs. Experienced plumbers study the requirements of the customers before recommending a size. The size is measured in gallons per minute capacity. If you want to get an approximate idea on the size, you need to think about how much water you utilize in a daily manner. It is also necessary to check the longevity of your family’s showers. The frequency of the use of washing machine or dishwasher must be evaluated as well. The fact of the matter is that you need to take an approximate estimate of how much water you consume. This awareness gives you a fair idea about the size of the tankless water heater to be installed.

You can find three grades of outlet available on the market. The first one is known as the homeowner grade. It is the most affordable and popular option you can come across. These types of outlets can be usually found in builder-grade homes. The longevity off these electrical outlets is shorter compared to other grades. They can be termed as flimsy and may last only around 5 to 10 years. The second option available is commercial grade. Leading electrical contractors advise people to install commercial grade outlets nowadays. Although the price of these grades is a bit higher compared to homeowner grades, the benefits stand taller. The longevity of these products is around 100 years under normal home use conditions. The third option available is hospital grade. They are the most expensive options available today. These types of products are primarily meant for medical facilities where never-fail use is essential.

Routine maintenance is essential for your any type of refrigerator. If you are not using a frost-free model, you have to do a full defrost on the fridge to remove ice build-up. Prior to performing this procedure, you must use up any food available which may get spoiled due to defrosting. After having emptied everything, the appliance should be switched off. You need to leave the door ajar to help the ice melt naturally. After some period of time, the ice clears off from inside. Once it is done, a towel has to be placed on the floor in front of the freezer for soaking up water. It is not at all advisable to scrape the inside part using harsh substances because it may cause damage to the insulation layer and may end up breaking the freezer. The defrosting process can be speeded up if you place a tray of warm water inside the refrigerator.

Some problems can be detected easily while some others are difficult to discover. If you want to make sure that your HVAC system runs in an efficient way, you have to keep yourself vigilant. The air filters must be changed exactly according to the manufacturer guidelines. It is necessary to cut back foliage and you have to remove all types of debris and other similar things near the dryer vents because they may block air flow to the heat pump or air conditioner. The most important aspect is to choose a maintenance package offered by a licensed and certified HVAC contractor.