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plumber las vegas For over six years of experience and hard work, Techcool Las Vegas has been one of the top plumbing companies you can rely on.

From your commercial and residential plumbing issues, we have been your great ally, and we will keep on improving our team to give you the next level of services we can offer.

Plumber Las Vegas started as a small entity. We then made its way to be a bigger and wider company that provides plumbing installation, repair, and maintenance services to different parts of Las Vegas, NV.

Be one of our premium clients now and get to meet the best plumbers in town!

Emergency Plumbing Services

Techcool does not want to stop working when the sun sets.

This is why we extended our services because of its high demand.

Today, we offer 24/7 plumbing services for your emergency needs.

If you accidentally got drained sinks, leaked pipes, and messy sewage, our team of plumbing techs is ready to fuel the engine and go straight where your issue is.

But what is good with our emergency services? We do not hide extra charges to fix your issues. We do not want to exploit or abuse your finances in the middle of the night.

Instead, we have the same fee for our services and ,we always practice transparency within you and our company.

We are Your Trusted Plumbers in Las Vegas!

Whether you want a new plumbing system for your home or a repair on your commercial building, our team won’t disappoint you!

With our years of experience providing homeowners the solution to their plumbing issues, there are other reasons why we are the right fit for your plumbing needs.

We are licensed

Do not waste your time searching for a legitimate plumbing company because Techcool is here. Likewise, do not waste your effort thinking if our company is legally organized because we are!

Techcool has been a service provider for many years now. We cannot go this far if we are not a licensed and law-abiding company.

We legally organized our business before we started operating and knocking to our client’s doorstep.

So, if you got problems with your plumbing projects while working with us, you are safe because we take legal action against such issues.

We are insured

A license is not enough. We also want to be safe and put your mind at ease by securing insurance for our projects.

We understand that you are a bit worried every time strangers enter your property and do an installation or repair. In this case, we guarantee you that if ever something got complicated, we have prepared insurance to save you and your property from any hassle.

We background check and orient our technicians

Before we deploy our technicians to your property, rest assured that we checked them for your safety. We require them to undergo drug tests before we hire them.

Likewise, we only choose technicians who can display their skill set on plumbing and later train them for career progression.

With our company’s values that we want to uphold, we keep reminding them to stay positive, friendly, and approachable to all our clients.

If you got questions for them, ask th,em and they know how to respond the right way.

Fast and Guaranteed Plumbers Las Vegas

Techcool offers a wide range of plumbing services. From installation to repairs and maintenance, we are guaranteed experts in giving you the highest quality.

Diagnosing your plumbing system takes time and effort. This is why we recommend to call us immediately once you noticed unusual activities on your system.

If we do not pay attention to these minor malfunctions, it can worsen, leaving your whole system damaged. As a consequence, you’ll face costly repairs.

Although it takes a process, we ensure that we work at a reasonable pace, not wasting your time and money.

A Flexible Corporation

Here at Techcool, we offer residential and commercial plumbing services.

For residential properties, we need to check the plumbing system itself if is matched the demand of the household. If not, we will make the necessary adjustments.

Meanwhile, for commercial properties, we are more concerned with the proper and careful installation of buildings.

We need to ensure that the water is distributed with consistent water pressure.

Likewise, making sure that the property has undisrupted drainage and waste disposal is also our priority.

We care for your business, and we are ready to help you with installation, repair, and maintenance.

For Even Faster Service, Call Techcool Las Vegas Today!

Stop searching and get your phone right now! Call Techcool at (702) 808-4423 and inquire. We provide free estimates and superb customer service. Let’s start our partnership today!


Who needs a sum pump?

Any property or building that has a structure underneath, such as a basement, needs a sump pump.

How can I determine if the sump pump is functioning properly?

Test your sump pump by emptying the pit. This should trigger the system of your sump pump and should start immediately.  If it fails to start, it needs adjustments.

How does a sump pump work?

When the tank detects water on a specific level, the sump pump will automatically start and drain and dry your underneath room.

What may cause a sump pump to malfunction?

Typically, malfunction in your sump pump is because of electrical issues. In This case, you might want to call for professional help to check that the voltage is appropriate.



Techcool has been a family-owned and operated company since the early 2000's. Our specialization is in ac repair serving Las Vegas. We provide excellent customer service with fair pricing. Our team is backed up by knowledgeable technicians. Just call us today so we can show you what Techcool does for everyone.


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