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How Often Should You Change Your Air Filter?

Techcool | Last Updated: February 24, 2021

How often should you change your air filter

Air conditioning units are the lifeblood of modern households. They keep us cool during the scorching hot summer months and keep the temperatures livable during the winter.

Air conditioning units are fairly simple, but after you’ve had yours for several years, you may begin to notice that it’s not as efficient as it once was. This could be because of a dirty air filter.

In this blog post about how often to change air filters, we’ll discuss why you should change them and how often you should change them.

How often should you change your air filter?

The answer is simple: after 3 months.

If you have pets or allergies, you should change your air filter every 2 months.

You may not know what's in the air you breathe, but you probably know that you should be changing your car's oil, your cell phone's battery, and your printer's ink cartridge.

So why would you wait more than 3 months to change your air filter? To be honest, I don't think you would.

In order to maintain proper air quality, you need to change your air filter on a regular basis.

This way, you will be able to keep your house clean and ready for you to enjoy.

When should I change my air filter?

The air we breathe inside our houses is often more polluted than the air outside. Dirty air filters are a big contributor to this problem. Replace an air filter every three months, and you can start breathing cleaner air.

Of course, you should also change it more often if you have a pet or suffer from allergies.

If you'd like more information on air filtering and why you should replace your filters often

Changing your HVAC system's air filter is one of the easiest, cheapest, and most effective ways to improve indoor air quality.

An air filter is something you should be changing regularly, at least once every one to three months, to prevent your air conditioner from working harder and wearing out sooner.

How to clean your air conditioners air filter?

t's a fact of life that air filters get dirty. Taking proper care of them is a good preventative measure but when they still get clogged, it's a good time to readjust your filter. Reportedly, the filter in your air conditioners can collect up to 70 gallons of bacteria and other particles that are in the air all around you. It's scary to think of what kind of nastiness is in your air

Air filters are necessary for the proper functioning of your air conditioner. They help in preventing germs, bacteria and other microorganisms from entering your air conditioner and infecting the air you breathe. Clean air is essential for good health. So make sure that you maintain the cleanliness of your air filter by cleaning it regularly. Here are some simple steps you can follow to clean your air conditioner's air filter.

Kill germs and other funky stuff with your AC filter

If you are like most people, you probably have no clue when was the last time you cleaned your air conditioner's air filter.

If you are lucky, you may have a cleaning reminder sticker on your air conditioner, but for the most part you have to set a reminder on your phone to do the task.

A dirty air conditioner air filter can cause your air conditioner to work harder than it needs to, which can cause a higher electric bill and will not cool.

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