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How do I reset my air conditioning unit?

Techcool | Last Updated: December 11, 2020

how do I reset my air conditioning unit

An air-conditioning unit is your key to a comfortable environment during the hot season.

It is also an easy-to-use appliance, which only requires electricity as its source- indeed a plug and play device.

However, like any appliances you have in your house, it is also prone to various problems.

If you encounter a problem in your AC unit, your default solution is to call a professional to solve it. But did you know that you can still do something about it? Sometimes, your AC only needs a reset, but how do you do it?

Keep reading and follow the steps featured in this article regarding how to reset an air conditioning unit.

Why do you need to reset?

Before you proceed to reset your unit, it is essential to know when and why you should reset it.

Reset is required because the circuit breaker is not allowing the compressor to start. Your circuit breaker will automatically pop if there is a sudden black-out.

But how does it help the system? It helps by protecting the AC unit and preventing further issues like explosions or fires.

A circuit breaker plays a crucial and essential role in your unit, and you should not bypass it.

Another reason why you should reset your AC unit is because of its malfunctioned thermostat.

How do you reset the air conditioning system?

Before you start resetting the air conditioning unit, you might want to ensure that you have a consistent and regular power supply.

If there are recent black-outs, you need to check the power supply if its uniform by switching on the light and ensuring that it has normal brightness without getting dim or blinking.

Once you are sure about your power supply, follow these suggested procedures.

1. Locate the reset button

Most AC units have a small reset button, which is usually red in color. It is marked clearly as a reset button, so you can easily see it. Check the manufacturer’s manual for instructions and to locate it.

2. Press the reset button

Once you have located the button, long-press it for 3 seconds and release it. Wait for a few seconds and press it again for 3 seconds. Your AC unit should give you three beeps. After your AC unit responded, it should reset immediately.

If your AC does not have a reset button…

In case your air conditioning unit does not have a reset button, you can still reset it manually. Do not worry because it would not take most of your time and effort. It is neither complicated. Just follow these steps.

1. Shut down the power supply

Next to your outdoor compressor unit, there should be a shut off-panel. The main wire of your unit is usually connected to it and is always on in normal instances.
Flip the switch off and locate the 240-voltage circuit in the main electrical panel of your home. You should shut that down as well. After doing both steps, this will mean that there will be no more power supply.

2. Unplug the unit

This ensures your protection and makes sure that there is no power supply. Disconnect it to the power source.

3. Wait for 30 minutes

You do not need to wait long hours before reconnecting the unit, but it is also recommended not to reconnect it too quickly.

You just need to ensure that all the remaining charge inside the unit dissipates before bringing it back to the power source. Thirty minutes is already enough for the system to reset completely.

4. Plug back in the unit

After you wait, you can now plug in the unit but do not immediately switch it on.

5. Switch on the power supply

After ensuring that the unit is plugged and connected, go back to the main panel and switch on the 240-voltage board. Switch on the external unit as well. Ensure that your thermostat is on cool before you switch on the power completely.

You need to carefully follow these steps to make sure that you are safe.

However, if your AC still does not cool effectively, check the thermostat and start cleaning the filter. Dirt, dust and other variables can obstruct the airflow in the machine.

Ensure that the thermostat is on its right setting and the filter is already clean so it can provide you the cooling effect you desire.

When do you need a professional?

You only need to reach out for professional help if the circuit breaker keeps on tripping or it is slow in cooling down.

This is a warning signal that there might be a serious problem that needs immediate attention.

Another reason to call a professional is when the wirings and panels are open or exposed, which are too dangerous because exposed panels and wires will create sparks or fires.


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