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What is the function of a drainage pipe in an AC?

Techcool | Last Updated: December 10, 2020

what is the function of a drainage pipe in an ac

The drainage pipe is one of the essential components of an AC. It plays a crucial role in the indoor cooling process, and you should keep yourself aware of it.

The drainage pipe is the line where the collected moisture exits.

Moisture is collected through the evaporator coil when air passes through it. The function of the coil is to remove the humidity in the air and convert it into water.

The water then drains in the condensate pan, enters the drain line, goes down the drain pipe and is deposited outdoors.

The overall process is simple unless some parts malfunctioned.

Your drainage pipe is very important in the process, so it would be better to check your unit when something unusual happens.

What could be the possible mishap in the drainage pipe?

Your unit’s drainage pipe can accumulate dust, dirt, algae, rust and other substances, causing it to clog. When it is clogged, the moisture cannot exit, and that is where the problem occurs.

What will happen if the drainage pipe is clogged?

Ice will form on the drain line.

Ensure that you get to resolve the clog immediately because ice can damage your whole HVAC unit.

Water will overflow.
Since the moisture cannot exit, the consequence will be flooding on the unit.

You do not want to get running water coming straight from your unit so fix the drainage pipe as soon as you notice it. In case you ignore it, it will cause other damage to your flooring or carpeting.

Leakages can occur in loose pipes.

Water damage is one of the serious problems you do not want to encounter. Once there are leaks on pipes that you could not see immediately, it will damage your drywall or drip from the ceiling.

Hire a professional today!

The drainage pipe of AC is an essential part of your system. If it is not working properly, your system will also not work efficiently.

To save you from any hassle and additional costs, it would be better to call a professional to check your unit.


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